1. Recently re-discovered this video and remembered how great it is, like everything else in the Radiolab orbit.




  3. Mission street collage (at The Mission District)

  4. Man on the left, lady on the right, spotted in #themission #sf (at Mission Street)

  5. Breeder, Ramada Inn, Anderson, Indiana, 1998

    UNREAL Photo by Tema Stauffer. 


  6. Let this be a reminder to myself and to you to check out the BRUCENNIAL http://brucennial.com/ before April 4. Clint Eastwood will be there, as this video makes clear. 

  7. Facinating project on Soviet Bus stops


  8. Josh talks to his AA sponsor, while dealing with pain from his chronic sciatica. Part of my photo essay following the daily life of an NYC meditation teacher.


  9. "I just have a quick question before I start on my barrage of thanks: Why were there only FIVE female nominations to SIX male nominations? Did anyone SEE Greta Gerwig in ‘Frances Ha’? EXTRAORDINARY. Maybe they didn’t have enough space."
    — Cate Blanchett, accepting her Spirit Award (via kateoplis)
  10. Loving this photo by Bobby Doherty

    (Source: bobbydoherty)